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Yasuki in the air

Nice to meet you!

My name is Yasuki Soranaka, a personal gym TOPRYDE specializing in body makeup beginners in Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Kikake who started a personal trainer

Encounter at the study abroad destination

I was born in a small town called Inagawa-cho, Kawabe-gun, Hyogo Prefecture.

Since I was a child, I have loved to move and have experienced various sports such as gymnastics, soccer, and athletics.

When I was in my second year at university, I was dispatched to the University of Colorado in the United States as a publicly funded international student, where I started full-scale training using machines under the influence of my friends.

As I was absorbed in training, I became able to think positively not only about physical changes but also mentally in the environment of America, which is different from Japan, and I became confident in myself.

I wanted to make people with physical problems feel this "change" through fitness, so I decided to become a personal trainer.


Life decision

​Study abroad as a trainer in Australia, the home of fitness

After graduating from university, I went to Australia, the home of fitness, to study abroad as a single trainer in order to specialize in the job of a trainer who was interested in the United States.

In the field, learn specialized knowledge for one year through practical training and classroom lessons,

Obtained a local trainer national qualification. I also participated in body makeup competitions locally and was able to experience winning prizes, and I experienced various things as a trainer.

After returning to Japan, I was in charge of more than 1000 sessions a year at a major personal training gym, and was involved in many body makeup for training beginners.



Born in Inagawa-cho, Kawabe-gun, Hyogo Prefecture. Spend up to high school in Inagawa Town.


​While studying at a foreign language university, studied abroad at the University of Colorado. Meet fitness.


​Traveled to Australia alone to study professionally. Obtained national qualification locally.


​Independence. Opened personal gym TOPRYDE in Kawanishi



What both diet and body make-up have in common is that you can change the appearance.

And if you change your body, your life will change.

Through body make-up, I was able to positively grasp the good and bad things that happen in my life and change my life.

Body make-up and diet are worth the challenge.

I think that every person has a complex in appearance, personality, and environment.

My job is to help you achieve your goals and goals in order to solve the underlying "worries".

In order to improve your life through diet and body make-up, I opened the personal gym TOPRY DE.

​​ Why don't you change your life by building your body with us at the personal gym TOPRYDE?

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