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​Hiroki Yagi

Nice to meet you!

My name is Hiroki Yagi and I am TOPRYDE, a personal gym specializing in body makeup beginners in Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Kikake who started a personal trainer


I've always had a lean constitution and it's hard to get fat, but it's hard to get muscles, and my thin body was a complex.

I didn't like that, so I started training at home little by little, which was the reason for my training.

After a while, I was happy that my body started to change, but above all, I became more confident and was most surprised by the big mental changes!

From this experience, I became a personal trainer because I wanted to be a person who has similar problems with appearance and who wants to change my life by having myself as well as looking.


Life decisions and career changes

​Enrich people's lives with training

The power of training strengthened my desire to engage with more people and help me, and while working, I attended a trainer training school, got a qualification, and got a job at a major personal gym!

Therefore, I was involved in body makeup for many people and had a lot of valuable experiences!

We will continue to make efforts to make many customers feel happy by making use of this experience!


​・ Born in 1991 from Okinawa Prefecture

・ Graduated from a major personal trainer training school

・ Obtained NESTA PFT (National Exercise & Sports Trainer Association Personal Fitness Trainer)

・ November 2020 Participation in Best Body Japan Nara Tournament

・ September 2021 FWJ Hiroshima Tournament Participation



My thoughts on this job as a trainer

It is my goal for our customers to reach their goals!

We will do our utmost to support each and every one of you so that you will be even happier than you are now!


I think each person has different feelings about training, but generally speaking, all the customers who have changed their bodies say that their lives have changed!

By training, you can bring your mind and body closer to your ideal self!

We will do our best to support our customers to work toward their goals!

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