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  TOPRYDE, a personal gym specializing in beginners in Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture
  ~ 6 features to be selected ~


1. Personal gym specialized for beginners 

The personal gym TOPRYDE in Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture is a personal gym specialized for beginners.

This is a personal gym for people who have never been on a diet or body make-up, who want to go to the gym but don't know what to do at the existing 24-hour gym, and women who don't like being seen at the gym.

The representative trainer has more than 1000 sessions of training for beginners at the industry's leading personal gym.


2. No excessive dietary restrictions such as carbohydrate restrictions!

Personal gym TOPRYDE basically does not recommend a carbohydrate-restricted diet. * In some cases, it may be recommended.

Considering not only the course period but also after graduation, you will be required to learn a dietary method that you can continue to do.

Why don't you learn a meal method that you can use for a lifetime at the personal gym TOPRYDE?



3. One-on-one lessons so you can continue!

Personal gym TOPRYDE is a private room space that requires reservations!

✓ I joined a 24-hour gym but I don't know what to start ...

✓ It's embarrassing to see it during training because I don't know how to use the equipment ...


A complete one-on-one system that is safe even for you.

Even if you are a beginner, we will guide you gently and politely!

4. Trainers are qualified only!

At the personal gym TOPRYDE, only trainers with international licenses are enrolled and are highly evaluated by our customers.

We tailor-made training and dietary methods tailored to each individual, leading to the shortest and most efficient achievement of goals.


5. Achieve the lowest price in the industry!

At Personal Gym TOPRYDE, the session price per session is kept to the lowest level in the industry.

In addition, we also offer a continuation plan that further reduces the price once so that it is easy to attend even after graduating from the course.

Since it is important to continue exercising and eating, we have realized a price setting that is easy to go to in consideration of our customers.

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